We  are part of the mobile accessories industry for more than 10 years now. We designed, 

produced and marketed all kinds of products (from cellphone jewelry for the all too common Nokia phones to stylish backcovers for the iPhone) successfully. Always with a sense for the latest trend – and always a little fast-paced.


When our boss Holger came up with the idea of launching a leather collection we all got excited about it. 

At the start we had the project running under the working title „Lausbub Edition“. Actually this is an inside joke. 

We tend to call Holger a Lausbub from time to time. Mostly when he interrupts our daily workflow with one of his 

spontaneous ideas…


We quickly realized what we wanted the collection to be a range of robust and stylish leather sleeves and covers. Little masterpieces for your daily life, which get even more beautiful when you are using them and that protect your mobile from all sorts of damage. That´s how our collection of mobile cases for different user profiles came to life.

Designed with attention to detail, made to meet high quality standards and manufactured from a choice of beautiful 

and soft leather.


So, how should we finally name that collection?! It is nearly as hard to come up with a cool brand name, as to find a name for a newborn child. In accordance with the principle that the first thing you come up with can possibly and intuitively be the best one, we decided to call the collection „LAUSBUB“, based on our working title.


In consequence we had to confess Holger the nickname we gave him - but that is a different kind of story….